Wheel Balancer S708

Wheel balancer

Wheel Balancer

  • Static, AL1, AL2, AL3 balancing modes
  • Large cone and flange for light truck, minibus and Iveco are optional.
  • High-precision mechanical spindle is imported bearing, which ensures the measuring precision.
  • Changeable between gram and ounce; changeable between millimeter and inch.
  • Optional adapter without center hole for balancing tires, such as Elysee and Picasso.
  • Self diagnosis and self calibration.
  • Smaller cabinet saves more space, convenient for transportation.
  • Manual rotate the wheel, with low rotating speed, calculate the unbalancing value precisely.
Balancing presicion±1g
Balancing speedmax180rpm
Tire diameter 1000mm
Rim width 1.5″-12″


Static balancing: The balancing machine where the tire is placed in its vertical axis on a non-rotating spindle tool. The spot on the tire with the greatest mass is acted upon by gravity to deflect the tooling downward. The amount of deflection indicates the magnitude of the unbalance. The angle of the deflection indicates the angular location of the unbalance. In tire manufacturing factories, static balancers operate by use of sensors mounted to the spindle assembly. In tire retail shops, static balancers are usually non-rotating bubble balancers, where the magnitude and angle of the unbalance is observed by looking at the center bubble in an oil-filled glass sighting gauge. While some very small shops which lack specialized machines still do this process, they have been largely replaced in larger shops with machines.