Tpms Valves

tpms valve



tpms valve

  •  Battery Life: 5+ years
  • Storage Temperature:-40C to +125C
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +125C
  • Operating Humidity: 90%
  • Operating Frequency: 315 MHZ & 433.92MHZ
  • Pressure Monitoring Range: 0 to 60 psi (450kpa)
  • Pressure Reading Accuracy: ±1psi (±7kpa) at normal pressure range, 0 to 50 units
  • Temperature Reading Accuracy: ±4 at -20 to 70 units
  • G sensor Reading Accuracy: ±18.75% at -40C to 90C
  • Transmission Power: typical 8 dBm (both 315MHZ & 433MHZ)
  • Battery: 3.0V
  • Sensor Weight: 35g


Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) constantly monitor tyre pressures using tyre sensors in all four tyres and alert the driver with a visual and/or audible warning if there is any change in pressure or temperature.

Having TPMS fitted to your vehicle improves your safety as the system checks tyre pressure every few seconds reducing your chance of an accident related to incorrect tyre pressures. TPMS can also save you money as having the correct tyre pressure maximises tyre life and also helps improve fuel efficiency.